Some areas of the Great Lakes have experienced significant degradation of aquatic habitat. Other areas, like the tributaries of Minnesota's north shore of Lake Superior, support high quality habitat. Protecting riparian areas is critical to enhance fish production, water quality and wildlife corridors in these high quality streams.

"When riparian areas are intact," says Don Schreiner, Minnesota DNR fisheries biologist, "they provide bank stability, shade, stabilized flows, woody debris and nutrients. All of which are essential for productive fisheries." 

In 2010, the GLBFHP provided funding to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to secure long term protection of riparian areas along...

The Great Lakes Basin Fish Habitat Partnership is pleased to announce grant awards for FY 2013. We received 28 proposals requesting nearly 2 million dollars to implement habitat restoration projects throughout the Great Lakes. Our team of natural resource professionals from throughout the basin reviewed and discussed the merits of each proposal, and had the difficult task of selecting only a few projects from such a worthwhile pool of candidates. The basin-wide team selected 8 projects totaling just over $380,000 that will be funded by a combination of Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and base National Fish Habitat Action Plan funding that best aligned with the habitat goals of the Partnership. 


A report released today by Restore America's Estuaries (RAE) and the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) and co-authored with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - More Habitat Means More Fish - makes a powerful case that investing in our nation's coastlines and estuaries leads to healthy habitat and strong fisheries, which has a positive impact on the businesses and industries, both recreational and commercial, that need healthy fisheries to survive and thrive. 

"Investing in coastal and estuarine habitat restoration is essential not only for the long-term future of our...

Babe Winkelman productions in association with the Midwest Fish Habitat Partnerships ( created a Public Service Announcement on the importance of conserving fish habitat that aired during an episode of Good Fishing. This 3 minute PSA was broadcast April 1 through April 7 across NBC Sports, Discovery Channel’s “Destination America”, Texas Channel and other broadcast networks. 

The Great Lakes Basin Fish Habitat Partnership has a new coordinator. Our new coordinator, Michele Wheeler, is a U.S. Fish and Wildlife employee based out of the Ashland,WI Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office. As Coordinator, Ms Wheeler is the main point of contact for the Partnership. She facilitates all Partnership tasks and actions, provides administrative support for the Partnership's Committees, and provides coordination among Committees, Great Lakes partners and other Fish Habitat Partnerships throughout the country. Welcome Michele!

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